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   Hemp Flower   

  • Wilson Herb Farm (VT)
    Organic-certified bulk hemp flower, both hand-trimmed and extraction grade. Click link above to email.

  • Nursegrown Organics (VT)
    Offers Clean Green Certified hemp flower as well as CBD solid extract (FECO). Click link above to email.

Offers hand-trimmed Clean green Certified hemp in 3.5 grams and 14 gram jars as well as larger bags of bulk untrimmed flower. Click link above to shop hand-trimmed, and email here for untrimmed flower.​

Organic-certified bulk untrimmed hemp flower. Click link above to email.

  • Black Tie CBD (OR)
    Offers a wide variety of different hemp flowers and CBD extracts

  • Tweedle Farms (OR)
    Offers a wide variety of different hemp flowers and CBD extracts

Also, you might be surprised to find there are local farms in your area! If your state has a pilot hemp program, there is likely a farm near you, and its always best to buy local and support farms in your area. Simply searching on Google for “hemp farm” and your state is a great way to start.


   Equipment + Supplies   

Handy gadget that can both decarboxylate and infuse ​your flowers. Use coupon code ALCHEMY to get 15% off!

Love child of a crockpot and an immersion blender, this machine is a powerhouse for infusing oils between 2 and 5 cups. Use coupon code ALCHEMY to get 15% off!​

You can also buy both machines at the same time with the Medicine Making Bundle and save an extra $25!

Great blender for medicine making. Easy to clean and has blades going all the way up.​

Use to heat a water bath to a consistent temperature. Can be used to make infusions in mason jars.

Reusable mold to make your own suppositories.

Easy contraption to help you make your own herbal capsules.

Empty vegetarian capsules to fill either by hand or with your capsule machine.


Good deal on organic coconut oil.​

In case you can't find 190 proof at your local liquor store, this a easy source for good quality, organic cane alcohol.​

Good source for organic soy lecithin. Sunflower lecithin also works.​

Great source for organic and sustainably sourced bulk herbs as well as herbal tinctures and many ingredients.

In case you can't find a source locally from your brewing friends (seriously, they multiply like crazy), you can buy a starter SCOBY here. 

   Other Resources   

  • PSI Labs
    Database of test results. Look up strains and filter by cannabinoid and/or terpene results to get an estimation of what potency your flower might be.