Build an engaging and successful
online herbal course in only four weeks

April 2021

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.’
–Pablo Picasso

You’ve been a student of the plants for years now, and maybe you’ve dreamed about stepping into the role of teacher, but for one reason after another it just hasn’t happened yet.

You’ve learned SO much, and you love sharing what you’ve learned with others (whether they asked or not). Sometimes you can’t even help yourself.

do you like plants

But when you think about structuring that into an actual class you’re mind goes blank.

Where do I even start?

How do I choose a topic, and then how do I organize my thoughts?

How do I make it interesting, and not overwhelming?

At this point, maybe the self-doubt starts to creep in:

“Do I even know enough to teach?

Who do I think I am?

I just need to read one more book, take one more class, spend a few more years in the apothecary…”

OR maybe you’ve taught in person before but the thought of teaching online makes you break out in a cold sweat.

Can I even learn the tech necessary? Or afford it?

Is it effective, or even possible, to teach and learn about plants on a screen?

And even if you’ve gotten this far in the past, maybe you’ve had the dreaded experience of nobody has signed up for your class. 

How do I get noticed?

How do I market my course without feeling like a sleazy salesperson?

And so the idea gets shelved once again.

BUT despite these doubting thoughts, confusions, resistances, the idea keeps coming back to you.

Because you know the world would be a better place if more people were empowered with herbal knowledge and skills (and you’ve got some to share).

You long to share what you know with other people who look like that bird above, who are as EXCITED to learn about plants as you are.

AND you have a sneaking suspicion that teaching online, while scary, would actually bring you so much joy and fulfillment, not to mention much-needed income. Especially in this moment, when more people than ever are looking for online courses AND are interested in learning more about plant medicine.


You’ve got knowledge and skills about the herbs, but teaching, and in particular teaching online, is actually an entirely different skillset that you probably have never learned.

And let’s face it, as plant people, we don’t always have the most savvy around tech and marketing, and it’s normal to feel resistance to these things. You just need support, mentorship, and accountability to help make this idea a reality. 



How to build an engaging and successful
online herbal course in only four weeks

This isn’t your typical, slick “Make 6 figures by launching your online course” kind of thing. I know that’s not your style and it isn’t mine either.

What it is, rather, is a 4-week container with other herbalists and plant people where we’ll go step by step through the process of launching a course from idea to open enrollment…

…while making space for ALL of you. Your values, your passions and skills, your fears and resistances, and your desires to both be of service and grow your business in an aligned way.

Here’s what we’re going to explore together….



During our first week together we’ll dig into what you already know to get clear on what it is your being called to teach — and why.

We’ll also do the necessary inner work to find out what’s REALLY been getting in the way (because until we know, we can’t do anything about it). We’ll work through some of the common pitfalls met by even the most skilled herbalists, like Imposter Syndrome, the Myth of Arrival, shame around “selling,” and anything else that comes up for you.



In our second week, we’ll come back together to work on structuring your content so that it’s compelling, easy to absorb, and impactful.

And we’ll make sure your course has the key elements that make the difference between a mediocre or confusing course and one that is both engaging and transformational (while also not being overwhelming).




Once you’ve got your outline sketched out, it’s time to make the magic happen with the tools of technology.

We’ll work together to figure out the best format for your course (live workshop? Evergreen? Correspondence Course? Facebook group?), and look at the tech you might need to deliver the goods, from the fancy to the super simple. No matter your level of tech-savviness, we’ll find a way that works for you.




In our final week we’ll look at how to price and get the word out about your new offering, all without making you feel icky.

We’ll cover both traditional and alternative pricing models, how to reach your ideal students, and how to communicate about your offering in a way that makes it a no-brainer for the folks who could benefit from your knowledge and skills. And how to do this without throwing a dime to Big Advertising or feeling like a sell-out.

By the end of our time together, you’ll feel ready to share your brilliance with the world, increasing both your impact and your income while staying true to who you are.

Here’s what you’ll get


Each Wednesday from 4/7 through 4/28 we’ll gather online at 2pm EST for a 2 hour live workshop with plenty of time for Q&A. Lifetime access to the recordings will be provided!


After each call you’ll get worksheets and guides to help you implement what we went over in the call and get you one step closer to launching your course.


In addition to the calls, you’ll get access to a private Facebook group to get all your questions answered, post your work, and get feedback and support.


At the end of the four weeks, for those who are ready to launch in April, I’ll promote your new course to my email list and social media audiences to help get those first few folks through the door.




Financial Accessibility: If you’re able to pay the full rate, I ask that you do so. This allows me to both get my needs met as well as offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford the full rate. 

Because I am committed to dismantling systemic inequality, shame-free partial scholarships and payment plans are available to marginalized folks with financial need. Head here for more context and email me directly if you’d like to request a discount code.

Who will you be working with?

Hi, I’m Stephanie. 

As the Founder and Sole Proprietor of CannaBotanicals, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve made products, run coaching programs, and done private herbal and medicine making consultations. But teaching has been the bread-and-butter of my business from day one. In many ways, my business was born the day I taught my first class, an introductory Cannabis course as a clinical student at my herb school. 30 students showed up (more than any other community class ever) and I knew I was on to something.

And really, it’s been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, too. As a young girl, I loved to play teacher. This loved carried me to graduate school, where – with very little training – I was tossed into the world of being a Teaching Assistant for hundreds of undergrads. Despite my passion, I was terrified, and I more than a few mistakes in those years. But I also learned a TON about what good education is (and what it isn’t), as well as how to work through ALL the fears that teaching can trigger.

Since transitioning to teaching solely online, I’ve tried more than a few platforms, formats, and delivery methods, and discovered scrappy ways of keeping it SIMPLE and CHEAP. I’ve taken in-depth courses on how to become a more impactful and transformational teacher and seen the results that this work can bring.

In fact, I’ve taught hundreds of students and made over $30,000 in the past few years JUST from teaching, and most of that started coming in once I went virtual.

In short, teaching online has been a game-changer for me. I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned on my journey with you all, so that you can impact more people’s lives, make more money in your business, and help you become the badass plant teacher you know deep down you can be.


  • You’re a bit of a plant nerd and love sharing your herbal knowledge and skills with others.
  • You have ideas about what kinds of course you’d like to offer, but keep getting stuck when you try to sit down to make it happen.
  • You’re ready to push your edges and do both the inner and outer work necessary to increase both your impact and income using this powerful tool of our times.


  • You don’t already have at least a few years of study under your belt, either at an herb school or through self study
  • You’re not ready to push your edges of your comfort zone
  • You don’t have the time to commit to doing the work during the course (you can expect at least a few hours of work outside of classtime each week creating your offering.

This past year has pushed more people than ever before into the online learning space, while also illuminating for many the very real need and desire for plant-based knowledge and skills. There’s never been a better time to start sharing what you know with others.

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