Knowing how to pick herbs that are best suited to you is not as easy as googling “what herbs are good for x, y, or z” or watching Dr. Oz. Why is that? Because you are not your condition. You are a unique person with a particular constitution and distinctive health needs. And there are a lot of herbs out there, all with their own personalities and strengths. The art of matchmaking plants with people is old and complex. With my training in herbal energetics, holistic health assessment, formulation, phytochemistry, pharmacology, and physiology, as well as significant training in cannabis science and medicine, I will work with you to help connect you with the plant allies best suited to help you meet your health goals.

Meet with me either in person or over the phone/video chat to discuss your health concerns and goals in depth over an hour and a half. Within a week after our meeting, I will provide you with a customized herbal recommendations including cannabis use, as well as dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Remedies can be formulated and provided for an additional fee, or I can source remedies for you either online or from your area.

Only interested in cannabis recommendations? Learn more about my Cannabis Consultations.

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