“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anais Nin

You are a visionary

…with big dreams for your life and the world. You know there is something deeply unfulfilling about the way things currently are, and you believe firmly that another world is possible.

There's just one problem...

You’re tired, feel disconnected, struggle with chronic health problems, often feel unmotivated or burnt out, confused about where to begin or what path to choose, worried that what you are doing is not enough, or are battling with anxiety and negative or limiting beliefs.

End result?

Your beautiful vision remains just that, and neither you or the world gets to benefit from it..

Here's the thing, though

I know that you are SO done feeling stuck in this place.

What if I told you that everything you need to show up more fully in the world, be more alive and present and vibrant, and more in tune with your intuition, and inner power and resilience, was at your fingertips?

And that the plant world, including our old friend Cannabis, was literally begging to be a part of your personal transformation, so that you can be an agent of transformation yourself?

What if I told you that you are an inherently magical being, and that you can use Cannabis, other herbal allies, and a slew of other tools and techniques to truly unlock your full potential?

Beginning the week leading up to Imbolc 2020 (aka: the last week of January), I’ll once again be offering my signature group coaching program Bud to Bloom. This 3 month journey from Imbolc to Beltane will harness the abundant energy of the returning sun to carry us through a personal and collective transformation in which we will reconnect to our bodies and the earth, see clearly what is holding us back, and take the steps we need to honor our own health so that we can each conjure up the life we want for ourselves and each other.

Over our three months together, we'll explore:


to help you translate your
dreams into reality


to help you connect with the
magic of this amazing plant


to help you unlock new levels ofL
herbal healing


to make your relationship to food
more healing and joyful


to help you see where and
why you're getting stuck


to help you connect with the
Earth and your own body


to help you cultivate abundance
from your limited time


to help you expand what is
possible for you


to help you literally create more
momentum and energy

and more...

Intrigued? Here's how it works.

​The program starts on January 27th and runs through April 18th. There are two levels at which you can participate. In Level One, you’ll get

Level One

  • 12 weekly lessons in both written and audio forms ($600 value)
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Weekly 60-minute group coaching calls held every Wednesday from 2:30-3:30 EST ($400 value)
  • Access to a private Facebook group for 24/7 support and accountability
  • BONUS: 45 minute Video Class on How to Design Your Own Cannabis Protocol ($97 Value)

In addition to all of this, you also have the option to apply for the full experience of Level Two, where even more profound transformation is possible. If you’re accepted into this exclusive circle of nine, you’ll also receive:

Level Two

  • a full Herbal and Cannabis Consultation ($200 Value)
  • A Follow Up call at the time of your choosing during the program ($75 value) AND
  • THREE MONTHS worth of custom herbal remedies shipped directly to you (including CBD if appropriate) ($400-500 value)

When we combine customized herbal medicine with the long-term support of earth-centered coaching, the results are truly magical.

  • 12 weeks of 60 minute group coaching calls
  • 12 downloadable lessons totaling over 100 pages of content and worksheets
  • Private Facebook group
  • Support and accountability from both me and the group
  • $1097 value​


3 payments of $197

  • Everything from Level One PLUS
  • A personal herbal/cannabis consult and follow up call
  • 3 months of custom herbal care packages, including CBD if appropriate
  • Limited to 9 people!
  • $1797 value


3 payments of $347

"One of the most powerful experiences of my life..."

Kristen Tuttle

Before joining the program, I was struggling with being in a field of employment that I had given so much of my life to, but wasn’t resonating we me anymore. I felt stuck and unhappy.

Thanks to this program, I made the decision to turn my work-home balance a total 180 degrees, dropping to part time nursing and creating more space for creative work. I worked through all the resistance and fear about this through this program. When I tell people what I’m doing everyone tells me “I wish I could do that too” and I tell then they can!

This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life and I am forever grateful. I have already told several people about the program, since so many people keep telling me they wish they could make big, brave changes in their lives. I’ve never heard of a program this personal, magical and spiritual before, and I believe there is a need for it.

"I am truly grateful that I chose to take the leap!"

Annette D.

Before the program, I was in a major funk. I had just completed a super intensive program (ironically for holistic wellness) and was totally burned out and my health was again declining from a chronic illness.

After the program, I’m feeling the best I’ve felt in the 4 years with this diagnosis! I have real hope that I will conquer this for good! I have a clear vision now that is obtainable, and I understand the fear behind my procrastination as well as how to move past it.

I laugh more, definitely more joy in my world now and less pain and fatigue. I went in to the program not really know what to expect, but was willing to trust Stephanie and the process (another huge step) and am truly grateful that I chose to take the leap!

Hi, I'm Stephanie

As a clinical herbalist and cannabis advocate, I’ve seen and experienced firsthand the amazing transformations that can be catalyzed by plant medicine.

But after years of offering cannabis and herbal consultations to folks, and observing others do the same, I noticed a pattern.

Some people seemed to have miraculous shifts in their well-being immediately after they begin working with herbs. But for the vast majority of people, after investing the time and energy and money in consultations, bottle of tinctures, and bags of tea, they were still struggling.

Heck, even I had trouble taking my herbs and shifting my habits, despite being equipped with all the knowledge around what I needed to do and why.

That’s when I realized a couple of things:

1) That true transformation requires so much more than just knowledge and/or a carefully chosen array of plant allies. Habit change is HARD, and requires consistent and persistent action that can feel impossible without adequate support and accountability.

2) That herbs alone, Cannabis included, are simply not enough to shift us out of our stuck places and into our full potential. That this actually requires partnering with the plants by doing the inner and outer work necessary to create our new reality. And that having a coach to help navigate this process is 1000 times easier than trying to do it alone.

3) That by combining plant medicine with BOTH the ongoing support of a coaching relationship AND with a set of proven strategies and exercises to increase well-being and connection to one’s inner power, MAGIC can happen.

I created Bud to Bloom because I believe in the ability of this trifecta to create profound and lasting change. And I believe that this is the kind of change needed if we are to step into our full potentials and actually create the life and world that we know is possible.

This program is for you if:

  • You have a vision for your life that you've struggled to get off the ground
  • You are ready to commit and reconnect to yourself, your magic, your body, and the earth
  • You're tired of putting these things on the back burner, and you're ready to make 2020 your year to grow
  • You have tried using Cannabis or herbal medicine before, but didn't get the results you wanted and/or had trouble integrating the plants into your life ​

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You can't imagine possibilities outside your current reality
  • You aren't ready to fully commit to your transformation for the next three months
  • You aren't particulary interested in reconnecting with plants, your body, or the earth
  • You don't believe in magic

If you find yourself firmly in the first category, I’d be honored to support you in harnessing your full potential so you’re better equipped to create the life and world that you most deeply desire. Feel free to email me with any questions you have.

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