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"If we surrendered to earth's intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees."

- Rainer Maria Rilke



You are a visionary, with big dreams for your life and the world. You know there is something deeply problematic and destructive about the way things currently are, and you believe firmly that another world is possible. There's just one problem -- you're tired, feel disconnected, struggle with chronic health problems, often feel unmotivated or burnt out, confused about where to begin or what path to choose, worried that what you are doing is not enough, or are battling with anxiety and negative or limiting beliefs. End result -- your beautiful vision remains just that, and the neither you or the world gets to benefit from it.

Here's the thing, though. What if I told you that everything you need to show up more fully in the world, be more alive and present and vibrant, and more in tune with your intuition, and inner power and resilience, was at your fingertips? And that the plant world was literally begging to be a part of your personal transformation, so that you can be an agent of transformation yourself?

What if I told you that you are an inherently magical being, and that you can use cannabis, other herbal allies, and a slew of other tools and techniques to truly unlock your full potential?

Beginning on the new moon of midsummer (early July) 2019, I will be offering a beta run of my new group program Rise Up Rooted. This 12 week journey from Midsummer to Mabon will harness the abundant energy of solstice to carry us through a personal and collective transformation in which we will reconnect to our bodies and the earth, see clearly what is holding us back, and take the steps we need to honor our own health so that we can each conjure up the life we want for ourselves and each other. 

In these 12 weeks we will explore:

  • your personal herbal allies and how they can support you in reaching your goals

  • how to discover which foods are nourishing you and which are robbing you of your creative potential

  • how to make movement a joyful and liberating practice

  • the many ways to receive medicine from the plant world

  • the ways in which we limit and sabotage ourselves and how to break out of this pattern

  • how we can use the elements/phases (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) to reconnect with natural cycles and transform both ourselves and the world around us

  • how to prepare our own herbal medicines, including the particularities of cannabis medicine

  • how to determine the proper dose of cannabis to help you reach your health goals

  • how to connect with our intuition, and discern its voice from that of our inner critic

  • how to create sacred containers with your time that allow you to create more impact and transform more quickly than you previously thought possible

Here's what you get:

  • A personal herbal consultation with me, including cannabis recommendation, to identify your personal herbal allies ($200 value)

  • 3 months of customized herbal care packages, including CBD if appropriate ($400-500 value)

  • 12 weekly group coaching calls with me where we dig deeper into uncovering both the opportunities and the obstacles along your paths ($600 value)

  • 12 weekly downloadable lessons (including written docs, audio recordings, videos, and worksheets) on various topics to help you on your journey, that you have access to forever ($400 value)

  • Access to a private facebook group to share your successes and struggles collectively

  • The support and accountability you need to make these changes stick.

  • A few early bird sign-up bonuses for those of you who get on the waiting list!

For this first "beta" run I am offering this program, valued at over $1700, for only $697, or four monthly of payments of $199. That's the same you would pay for a full herbal consultation and three months of customized herbal/CBD care packages, but you'll receive so much more than that.

For this initial run I'm only accepting 13 people to keep the group small and intimate. Future seasons of this course will likely a) have more people b) might not include a private consultation for everyone, and/or c) cost quite a bit more. In exchange for this reduced rate, I'll be looking for your honest feedback throughout the program in order to refine the course for future seasons.

I'd be honored to support you in finding your resilience and creating the life and world that you most deeply desire. Submit your info below to get access to the application.

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