Hemp Flower

  • Wilson Herb Farm (VT)
    Organic-certified bulk hemp flower, both hand-trimmed and extraction grade. Click link above to email.
  • Nursegrown Organics (VT)
    Offers Clean Green Certified hemp flower as well as CBD solid extract (FECO). Click link above to email.

  • Lily Hill CBD (VT)
    Offers hand-trimmed Clean green Certified hemp in 3.5 grams and 14 gram jars as well as larger bags of bulk untrimmed flower. Click link above to shop hand-trimmed, and email here for untrimmed flower.
  • Tweedle Farms (OR)
    Offers a wide variety of different hemp flowers and CBD extracts

Also, you might be surprised to find there are local farms in your area! If your state has a pilot hemp program, there is likely a farm near you, and its always best to buy local and support farms in your area. Simply searching on Google for “hemp farm” and your state is a great way to start.

Equipment + Supplies

  • Nova Decarboxylator
    Handy gadget that can both decarboxylate and infuse your flowers. Use coupon code ALCHEMY to get 15% off!
  • Magical Butter Machine
    Love child of a crockpot and an immersion blender, this machine is a powerhouse for infusing oils between 2 and 5 cups. Use coupon code ALCHEMY to get 15% off!

You can also buy both machines at the same time with the Medicine Making Bundle and save an extra $25!

  • Ninja Blender
    Great blender for medicine making. Easy to clean and has blades going all the way up.
  • Sous Vide
    Use to heat a water bath to a consistent temperature. Can be used to make infusions in mason jars.
  • Empty Capsules
    Empty vegetarian capsules to fill either by hand or with your capsule machine.


  • 190 Proof Organic Alcohol
    In case you can’t find 190 proof at your local liquor store, this a easy source for good quality, organic cane alcohol.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs
    Great source for organic and sustainably sourced bulk herbs as well as herbal tinctures and many ingredients.
  • Kombucha SCOBY
    In case you can’t find a source locally from your brewing friends (seriously, they multiply like crazy), you can buy a starter SCOBY here.

Other Resources

  • PSI Labs
    Database of test results. Look up strains and filter by cannabinoid and/or terpene results to get an estimation of what potency your flower might be.
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