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with your homegrown

You love to grow your own food and your own medicine. And once you’ve put all that effort into growing amazing plants, don’t you want to also make sure you’re making the best of use of them?

In order to do that, you need two things. The right equipment and the right skills. And as a Home Grown Food Summit participant, I’ve got good deals for YOU on acquiring both right now.


While you can absolutely make Cannabis recipes at home using equipment you already have, for those who are serious about making potent, consistent medicine with their homegrown Cannabis, there are a couple of infusion machines that will make your life a LOT easier. Namely, the Magical Butter Machine, the Nova, and the Nova FX.


And as a Home Grown Food Summit attendee, you get a special special insider coupon codes on all of these machines. Simply fill out the form below to get your coupons delivered instantly into your inbox. You’ll also get all the recipes from my Summit presentation.

Not sure which one is right for you? Check out my comparison post << HERE >>

online course


Ready to dig deep into the alchemy of creating potent remedies from your homegrown? Want to learn more about how to create potent Cannabis or CBD remedies in your own home kitchen, and transform yourself in the process?

Click here to learn more about out my online course Cannabis Alchemy: a 4 -Week Journey to Masterful Medicine Making + Personal Transformation. (Hint: this page says that the course is not open for enrollment, but if you submit your info below you’ll get access!)

And then sign up here to get a coupon code for $30 off the cost of the course! You’ll also get all the recipes from my Summit presentation.

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