Knowing how to pick herbs that are best suited to you is not as easy as googling “what herbs are good for x, y, or z” or watching Dr. Oz. Why is that? Because you are not your condition. You are a unique person with a particular constitution and distinctive health needs. And there are a lot of herbs out there, all with their own personalities and strengths. The art of matchmaking plants with people is old and complex. With my training in herbal energetics, holistic health assessment, formulation, phytochemistry, pharmacology, and physiology, as well as significant training in cannabis science and medicine, I will work with you to help connect you with the plant allies and cannabis recommendations best suited to help you meet your health goals.

Are you confused about the what the best strains, ingestion methods, ratios, and dosages are for you? Want to eliminate the guesswork and get the results you want faster and with less unwanted side effects? Aren’t ready to invest in a full Herbal Consultation? In a Cannabis Consultation, I’ll help you understand what the best path forward is for you given your unique constitution and conditions. Whether you want to buy from a dispensary, make your own medicine, or just don’t even know where to start, a consultation is the perfect first step to getting your cannabis use dialed in.

Do you have burning questions about how to make the best possible cannabis remedies in your own home? Are you tired of searching the internet for answers and still coming up confused? Consider me your private tutor, available to answer your questions or troubleshoot your experiences as they arise either in-person or via phone. From beginners to advanced, I’m thrilled to help empower you to make your own medicine.

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