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Herbal Coaching

90-day Total Transformation




Tell me this.


Have you been struggling with chronic anxiety for who-knows-how-long, and see the negative impact it has on your life, but feel powerless to change it? Have you tried both meds and meditation, herbal medicine and "the herb," exercise and relaxation, but at the end of the day you still don't feel great? You feel tense, worried, irritable, and sometimes panicky. Your heart races, you can't focus or think straight, and you feel disconnected, like you can't ever be fully present. 


I know that some of you are dealing with these issues and have either swept them under the rug or have tried a billion things that just don’t work. You may have even tried cannabis and not gotten the results you had hoped (that was me, not that long ago). And I know how hard it is because I've lived it. The tension. The panic attacks. The constant worry and fear that keeps you from accomplishing what you really want in life. The feeling of resignation when you convince yourself that this is just who you are and there's no way to change it.


And to that last thought, I call bullshit.

With the my 12-week herbal coaching package, I'm helping folks with chronic anxiety and stress to finally break free of its grip using cannabis, other herbs, a healthy dose of magic, and a slew of other amazing techniques that I can't wait to share with you. Folks like you who have amazing dreams and visions for their lives and the world, but often feel held back or immobilized by their anxiety.

This program is not for everyone, but it might be for you. Here's who I can help:


  1. You must be actively suffering from chronic anxiety and stress and feel like its getting in the way of you being present for your family, and/or in the way of you creating the world you want to live in.

  2. You MUST be an action taker who follows directions. That means you're coachable, decisive, and resourceful. (Don't worry - I won't ask you to do anything weird... well, not too weird)

If this is you, and if you know in your heart of hearts that now is the time for change - if you are so tired of the energy sucking, depleting and distracting  emotional (and, lets face it, physical) pain that is chronic anxiety, click the link below to book a 100% free 60 minute phone call to connect and see if we might be a good fit for each other. 



If that's not you, that's totally okay! There's likely another way we can connect. This call is not for you if:

  1. You just want to get on the phone to ask me a million questions about making tinctures and have me to do some dosage math with you.  I seriously love to do that, but that's a different offering.

  2. You just want to know what herbs or what kinds of cannabis are good for anxiety. I offer herbal consultations as a standalone offering and they can be super helpful for folks. But this coaching program asks for a much deeper commitment to transformation (and is therefore much more powerful).

Cannabis and herbal medicine is incredibly powerful. And so are you. If you're ready to harness your body's inner wisdom and strength, reconnect with earth's intelligence, and have fun in the process, then book a call today to find out what's possible. 

Megan Hunter

"[Before working with Stephanie] I was burnt out with my social anxiety. I was a ball of adrenaline leading up to and during every social interaction (including and especially at work), and then would come down into a space of feeling exhausted, frazzled, and fried. I felt helpless and just so tired of carrying the burden of social anxiety.

 [Through this program] I grew A LOT. It was wonderful having someone in my corner who was bearing witness to my goals but also where I was at any given moment. This also added to the momentum and made me more willing to try the things I really wanted for myself. I feel like a lot got unstuck. And I feel like I learned a lot to help me keep getting unstuck when that energy arises in the future.


My relationship with others and myself have truly been transformed. I’m still myself, but I learned how to move past some of the things that had been causing me immense stress and into a truer expression of self. This comes with more honest connections with other humans, which feels much better than being stuck in the pain of social anxiety.


This is something I’ve been working on my whole life but still struggled with so much—this program shifted something in me in a big way that I hadn’t been able to access before.


So many things aggravate my symptoms (un-explainable health-related anxiety and poor gut health), but your thoughtful approach felt supportive and the herbs were well received by my body. There is so much hype about CBD and it is hard to trust what is out there. I felt confident with what you provided me. i have often felt judged by the medical system for being so sensitive and it was supportive to me to work with someone who didn't flinch when i talked about letting my water bathe in the sunlight before drinking it, or how getting new bras was supportive to my wellbeing.